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They trusted us

  • Lead development of
    Instant Sports Summer Games
    (Nintendo Switch)
  • Game design consultant on
    Unannonced Adventure project
    (Consoles & PC)
  • Development of
    Cosmofart (iOS port)
  • App optimization &
    R&D on ArcGIS plugin
  • Development and level design of
    Trails of Gold (VR)
  • App optimization of
    URBALOG (Mobile)
  • Full development of an app
    for speech therapy research
  • Monetization consultant on
    Exostars (Mobile)
  • Full development of several
    advertising games (Web)
  • Full development of
    Bow-Win (Mobile)

Our tools

We are developing tools for our own games. They're soooo useful! And you can use them too!
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