What about us?

Our vision

Since 2018, we have been working hard to create original games with all our heart.

ReRolled Studio was founded by 2 veterans of the video game industry with the ambition to create games without violence. Whether they deal with heavy subjects or not, our games aim to convey our optimistic vision of the world. If they can also bring a few smiles to your face, then we've nailed it!

Our team

Pierre-Cédric Thomart
Co-founder & Technical Director

Kévin Jolicard
Co-founder, Producer &
Creative Director

Victoria Guareschi
Art Director

Where are we?

Our head office is located in Lyon but everyone is working from home.

Yes, you read correctly: the team is scattered all over France and everyone defends his region with passion!
This way of working allows us to address environmental issues in a concrete way. Of course we meet a few times a year but no more daily trips to the office: say hello to the pleasure of a hot chocolate on a winter morning at home!