Presskit - Best Day Ever


Narration / management
Release date
  • Steam: June 7, 2021
  • Nintendo Switch: July 2, 2021
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  • Art: Victoria Guareschi
  • Code: Pierre-Cédric Thomart
  • Design: Kévin Jolicard


Play as 4 characters, manage their daily life and help them overcome their difficulties to create their best day ever.


  • Discover 4 characters, 4 unique stories,
  • Manage their daily lives to help them achieve their goals,
  • Make decisions during dialogues in our active events system,
  • All your decisions have consequences and change the outcome of the stories.


Emma Nadger
Manager in the food company KraKer, Emma provides quality work and doesn't count her hours. However, she regularly receives sexist remarks from some of her peers and can no longer stand it.
Jordan Neal
Jordan is a key player in the Waters University basketball team. The team has qualified for the big university tournament, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the team members. His partner feels this is the perfect opportunity for Jordan to finally introduce him to his teammates.
As a student at the prestigious Waters University, Jenny has always had good grades. However, a few weeks before her midterms, she can no longer focus on her studies and is anxious about getting to class.
Paul Hitik
Paul is one of the 5 candidates in the Waters mayoral election. He is aware that his city is the place of many injustices and intends to defend his candidacy to change things on a large scale.

Release Date Trailer

Premiered at the AG French Direct - Spring 2021.

Reveal Trailer


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